Q: What’s the most interesting e-mail I received today?

A:  The one‪ offering the most fabulous opportunity for Chapman students from Gustavo Arellano at OC Weekly.

Gustavo Arellano, best-selling author of ¡Ask a Mexican!

Gustavo Arellano                          Photo Credit: Gustavo Arellano.net

Putting out the call for OC Weekly interns for the winter quarter. Applicants must want to be a journalist, must earn college credit, and must be committed to raise DESMADRE. And, yes: it’s unpaid, because if the more than half of us on staff who started here as unpaid interns could do it, so can you. Interested? Email me at garellano@ocweekly.com. Spread the word!

If you’re ready to test your writing and editing skills in the real world, this is one great place to begin.

About Catherine Keefe

Catherine Keefe is the founding and managing editor of *dirtcakes* a journal of poetry, creative nonfiction, art and photography. Her creative nonfiction essays, interviews and book reviews have appeared nationally. She teaches undergraduates how to Write About Literature, or Write Creative Nonfiction, or Compose Self at Chapman University in Orange, CA.
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