Give it your best shot…

I respectfully forward you a note from the illustrious editor of Calliope, Chapman’s own art and literary magazine specializing in the work of undergraduates.
Note the deadline to submit is Friday, March 15. Seven days from now. Hurry! Go see what you can dig up.
Photo Credit: Catherine Keefe
Dear Students,
You are invited to submit your best creative work to Chapman’s art and literary magazine, Calliope. Each student is allowed 2 submissions (art/writing, or both) and all majors and class standings will be accepted.
Please include titles, writing genre or art form, a contributor’s note (1-3 sentences about yourself/your work) and your work in a word, text, or picture file (no pdfs).
FOR ART: Original dimensions and high-resolution quality also required.
FOR WRITING: 2,000 words max.
Please send all questions and submissions to no later than Friday, March 15th, 11:59pm.
Victoria Fragoso
Managing Editor

About Catherine Keefe

Catherine Keefe is the founding and managing editor of *dirtcakes* a journal of poetry, creative nonfiction, art and photography. Her creative nonfiction essays, interviews and book reviews have appeared nationally. She teaches undergraduates how to Write About Literature, or Write Creative Nonfiction, or Compose Self at Chapman University in Orange, CA.
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