The never ending party

Niall MacMonagle, dubbed “Ireland’s best-known English teacher,” once said,

You can’t bring home a Matisse and hang it on the wall.  If you want to hear a piece of music live, you’ve got to gather an orchestra.  But bring a poem and you’ve got it in your head and it stays with you.

I feel that way too about poems, and parties, and students.  Good ones stay in my head and heart to enrich each subsequent day.


Take a moment to celebrate your hard work before you leave this unending conversation about writing, begun long before any of us were born.

We’ve had a few laughs, tried out a few beats, and explored the rhythms, mysteries, and wonders of the universe through language.  But the party continues forever.  Raise your hand and be counted. Raise your voice. Leave behind well-crafted words. And for heaven’s sake, please don’t turn out the lights.