Sit a while

Close your eyes.

Breathe deeply.

Feel the air moving in and out of your lungs.  Feel the surface you sit upon. Feel the air around you.

Listen.  Hear rhythms: the rise and fall of waves, of voices, of car engines, or footsteps, or a soccer ball bumping back and forth between bare feet.

Write the rhythms, the syncopated beat of the world surrounding you.

Date your literary sound clip and save it. Mark your calendar for six months from now.  Reread.

Can you still feel the beat?

Read and repeat. Read and repeat. Read and repeat.

About Catherine Keefe

Catherine Keefe is the founding and managing editor of *dirtcakes* a journal of poetry, creative nonfiction, art and photography. Her creative nonfiction essays, interviews and book reviews have appeared nationally. She teaches undergraduates how to Write About Literature, or Write Creative Nonfiction, or Compose Self at Chapman University in Orange, CA.
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