Here. Voices.

Photo Credit: Catherine Keefe

A Monday Morning Game

Compose a paragraph. Well actually, compose  three.  Select one different aspect of yourself, one different voice, to present in each.

See an example of how this works:

Sending smiles and hugs, love and good cheer.

We went green this year – highlighted most picturesquely by a family vacation to Costa Rica to hike, raft, watch lava tumble from a volcano, body surf, and play some wickedly competitive games of Heart and Gin Rummy. Low impact to the earth, perhaps, but highly impactive to the innocent bamboo table upon which the nightly dramas unfolded…From my 2008 Christmas letter.

The establishment of preciousness residing in each individual creates two new hypotheses.  First, if each individual is a “delight”, then there must be a corresponding distress whenever “the human form” falls.  Secondly, if this poetry gives voice to the feelings of the common man, the assumption must follow that the common man has experiences which warrants attention.  The given in this equation is that humanity, in particular the artistic soul, is tuned to resonate to good.  Wordsworth establishes the location and legitimacy of this reverence for all mankind in the title of  “The Prelude, Book VIII”:  “Love of Nature Leading To Love of Mankind”.  Nature is the model for this assumption as nature provides beauty….From “The Accidental Traitor: Gandhi as Wordsworth’s “Happy Warrior,” a paper I presented at the International Wordsworth Conference in England.

Well hello gorgeous! I’m talking to you morning sun on the kitchen table once again… My current Facebook status, posted Saturday.

Who says you can’t speak different languages?  Which self will the readers of your final project discover? Why?

What personal vocabulary belongs in this self?  Write a list of words to draw from. Include images and references that relate to this self.

About Catherine Keefe

Catherine Keefe is the founding and managing editor of *dirtcakes* a journal of poetry, creative nonfiction, art and photography. Her creative nonfiction essays, interviews and book reviews have appeared nationally. She teaches undergraduates how to Write About Literature, or Write Creative Nonfiction, or Compose Self at Chapman University in Orange, CA.
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